LinkPoint works with clients to crate a plan specifically tailored to their personal needs. Our services include:
Account Management

We oversee transaction activity and provide a monthly reconciliation of all enrolled, client-approved checking, savings and credit card accounts. (more)

Bill Payment

We monitor and pay bills such as utilities and healthcare services. Bills are paid on time and organized records are maintained of all payments.


We work to analyze how money is being spent to set up budgets to help maintain financial stability.

Bank Deposits

We offer bank deposit services for individuals who need additional assistance.

Document Organization

We organize financial, legal, tax and other critical documents to ensure that they are easily accessible when needed.

Fraud Monitoring

We monitor accounts for fraudulent activity and irregular billing.

Document Concierge

We act as an intermediary to pick-up and deliver important tax, legal or financial documents to professional service providers (such as a financial planner, attorney or accountant).

PO Box Mail Capture

Bills and critical documents can be routed directly to us to ensure nothing is being misplaced.

Transparent Reporting

Financial reports are provided at regular intervals to clients and/or approved family members.