Why the name LinkPoint?

We worked hard on that one, but it really came down to the role we fill (or work very hard to fill) in our clients’ lives.

When we first started looking at providing daily money management and financial organization services, we spent a great deal of time researching existing service offerings, evaluating current and future service needs, and discussing our ideas with countless professional service providers…such as attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, and relationship bankers.  We soon came to realize that we had the opportunity to help clients communicate more effectively with their advisory team.

These professional service providers are a crucial part of all of our lives.  But to be the most effective, these relationships require commitment, organization, and effort on our part.  It’s not enough to simply file their correspondence and monthly statements in a box on a shelf in the closet.  To get the best value and greatest impact from these trusted advisors, it is crucial that we not only understand what is expected of us, but engage with our professional service providers in a way that helps them, help us.

That’s one of the areas where LinkPoint can be such a great partner.  Not only do we help our clients manage their daily financial responsibilities, we can also serve as a “link” to those professional service providers that they count on for legal, accounting, financial, and protective services.  We can assist in keeping conversations flowing and documentation moving between parties to make sure that clients and/or their families are dealing with the important issues effectively and efficiently.

Guide. Organize. Connect…..That’s LinkPoint.

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