Client Benefits

LinkPoint helps provide clients with peace of mind that empowers them to live the life they desire. Other benefits include:
Additional Freedom

Whether it’s simply avoiding the hassle, continuing to live independently, or traveling the world, LinkPoint removes the burden of daily money management.

Peace of Mind

Bills are paid on time, every time.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Missed tax documents, bank errors, and utility billing discrepancies are costly and can result in late fees and penalties. LinkPoint provides the oversight to avoid these issues.

Eliminating Family Conflicts

Money complicates family dynamics. As a neutral, third party professional, LinkPoint can eliminate these stresses and help to avoid arguments, suspicion, and potential abuse situations before they begin.

Detect Financial Abuse

Through account monitoring and spending reviews, we are able to question unusual activity and work with a client to identify and stop many types of fraud.

Simplify Tax Preparation

Reduce stress at tax time knowing that records are organized and delivered to your tax professional